Renee's Background


I am a healthcare consultant with over 20 years experience of federal, provincial, regional and facility level expertise. I have provided nursing care in a variety of settings within Canada and the United States. A long time registered nurse by trade, I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Nursing Research with a focus on the delivery of healthcare and social services to diverse populations.  


I have a strong background with diverse knowledge in healthcare from frontline to the policy level. I bring a rare combination of clinical and business acumen, demonstrated research ability and effective leadership to all of my consulting engagements.


Above all, I value relationships, and view clients as the true experts in their field and organization. My goal is to successfully support and facilitate client success based on their objectives and overall purpose. I possess a strategic motivation for aligning engagements with actual healthcare and client business goals. My passion and expertise are focused on Aboriginal Health & Wellness, Research and Evaluation, Innovative Project Management and Healthcare Information Technology.


Redaka Consulting Services Inc views clients as partners. Our healthcare environment may be ever-evolving; our shared fundamental motivation of healthier people remains constant.  


CV available upon request.